The First Haiku

That’s it! That was my first haiku. Well, not ever; I distinctly recall an assignment in elementary school where I had to write haiku for each of the seasons (clearly, I am an old pro at poetry writing).

I love the platform Instagram Stories has provided (and Snapchat before it – gotta give the OG some cred!), but the day I hit “post” on the above screenshot of an Instagram Story Boomerang, I had edited a few different text boxes before I was inspired with the haiku format.

As you’ll find here at, I generally am rather long winded when it comes to my writing style – my husband has accused me of run-on sentences more than once – and that particular Instagram Story, I was having a hard time fitting everything I wanted to say onto the screen.

Not only was the length of text an issue, but both of my kids were wide awake and demanding my attention. So for whatever reason, I quickly boiled down my thoughts into the following:

Kids are both awake

All I want is my salad

Damn you, cold season!

(Full disclosure, I totally had to Google how many syllables were allowed per line first. 😅)

That was it! I thoroughly enjoyed the drama of the short poem and juxtaposed against the ridiculous scene pictured, it was totally my kind of humor. I was pleased. *+Post*

Minutes later I did a follow up…

Now, if there’s one thing I’m routinely guilty of, it’s laughing at my own (self-assured) cleverness. As a stay-at-home mom of two children, ages 1.99 (she turns two next week), and four months, most…okay, ALL of my witty repartee goes over both of their heads. I have no choice but to speak to myself. Yes, I am mildly crazy. It comes with the stay-at-home-mom territory.

Needless to say, the second post filled me with a smug sense of “giiiiiirl, you so funny!”, and as I picked the lentils off of my baby, I found myself thinking of other haiku.

I’ve blogged lots before. I write most days in some capacity. But I’ve never had ‘a thing’ to really focus a blog around. I think over the course of my adult life, I’ve probably had at least four different blogs at different times, mostly just me rambling about my life.

Make no mistake, there will be plenty of rambling here, but I like that haiku can be how I boil down my message during the day to expand on later when I have some time to actually sit down and write…*knocks on all things wooden that some time will actually exist*

In any case, here I am. Back at it again. It may be funny, it may be serious, it may be awful, or maybe it’ll just be what I really need right now. In closing…

“The Start”

A new blog… again

let’s hope this time that it sticks

my mood will thank me

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