“More Laundry”

Two kids in our bed

One saturated diaper

“There’s a pee spot here”

Ahhh, Sunday morning. Before kids it consisted of sleeping in until at least 10am, followed by a leisurely breakfast and coffee – unless there were hangovers involved, in which case, Mickey D’s for the win! – and then usually some kind of errands or maybe we would write the whole day off and complete a marathon. On Netflix. Duh.

Those were the days.

This morning, like most Sundays since our kids left my birth canal (TMI? Well they did. So… I’m just speaking my truth, okay?), Zach and I attempted to stay in bed as long as our children would let us. This game begins when the baby monitor turns on for the first time, and one of us stumbles out of bed to retrieve our least favourite child that day. Kidding. They are both equally alright.  Continue reading